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About Melissa

Melissa De Leon is an independent filmmaker based in the East Coast who earned a degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. She had a lot of things she wanted to study as she was growing up, including forensic psychology, but she finally decided to study film in college the summer before beginning her senior year in high school.

She began producing in 2010, starting with a senior thesis project called The Journey. Originally she had only been interested in directing, but after taking a producing class, she became interested in producing as well. Now she has produced 7 projects, including Therapy, which won The Viewers’ Choice Award from Xfinity OnDemand, won an Honorable Mention from Bucks Fever FilmFest, and is still being shown in film festivals.

She is currently producing A Bird Without Wings, Security, and is developing a web series called Lies by Omission.

Film Work


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